Youth to Sustainability Summit 國際青年高峰會

【What is Youth to Sustainability Summit?】 An international platform for youths to transform into action-driven leaders with global mindset through exploring and discussing global and local issues with current leaders from various fields. By the end of the summit, young leaders will be inspired in generating impactful and sustainable solutions with chances to get their voice heard by the society. 【什麼是國際青年高峰會?】 國際青年高峰會一個是在讓青年發展世界觀和實踐力的平台。透過與各界領袖溝通研討有興趣的社會議題和與學生們探索可行及可持續的解決方案,讓香港和國際青年攜手發揮社會正面影響力。 【Objectives】 Youth to Sustainability Summit" is an AIESEC international conference which aims to: i) Awaken youth to their ability and role in being a change agent and thus making positive changes in our society ii) Provide a platform where young leaders come together to voice out their concerns on major world and local issues iii) Generate new, actionable ideas about the future with a creative and critical mindset 【國際青年高峰會意在⋯⋯】 i) 喚醒青少年,使他們認識自已作為社會的推動者的能力和角色所在,並能因此在社會上創造正面影響 ii) 提供一個平台,讓青少年可以就本地及世界的問題提出自己的意見 iii) 啟發並落實對社會未來兼具創意及實際的想法。 【Youth to Sustainability Summit 2017】 Theme: United in Diversity Date: 15th-18th June 2017 Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University Eligibility: S5-S6 students, University students 【國際青年高峰會2017】 主題:United in Diversity 日期:2017年6月15 - 18日 地點:香港浸會大學 對象:中五至中六學生 及 大學生