Touchstone Education

With the right support, education and training, nothing should stand in the way of achieving your dreams. Founded by husband and wife team, Paul and Aniko, Touchstone Education helps regular people to shape their destinies and secure financial freedom through sound property investments. Having stepped out of the blue chip world in 2004, today we have a vast portfolio of single lets, over 200 serviced accommodation units and an extensive range of commercial properties, and are specialists in raising JV finance, BMV purchases, adding value by refurbishment, title splitting, utilising SIPP funds and commercial conversions. Over time we’ve ensured that our futures will work for US, and we are here at your disposition should you choose to transform YOUR future too. Using influential and inspirational training and a mentorship approach that is frank, straightforward and systemised, we add strategy and logic to your investment thinking and support you to realise your dreams.