Xpress Body Bootcamp

Manny Rodriguez MPA, CSCS, YFS, USATF I, is a retired Police Academy Physical School instructor and Body Transformation Specialist. Manny has taken his experience training individuals of all shapes and sizes and created the fastest growing group training programs on Long Island. His programs are so effective that clients come from near and far to experience his Rapid Transformation Program. Long Island Xpress Boot Camps are made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Membership ranges from working moms and housewives to, students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners and recreational athletes. Individuals from different walks of life are embracing this fitness modality over the traditional gym setting or hardcore military theme bootcamps because it is structured to develop functional movement and unsurpassed caloric burn without risking the client's safety. In breaking with the traditional bootcamp phenomenon L.I.Xpress Boot Camps are more reflective of personal training in a group. The accountability and comraderie of its members is just as strong considering that members are all working towards the same common objectives. Campers are safely pushed out of their comfort zone and taking on a fitness journey like no other. Xpress Campers meet their fitness goals at a much higher rate than gym and traditional training clients. If you want to get fit in a non-judgemental group setting regardless of your level of fitness, this is a terrific result oriented program like no other you have seen before. Just follow the amazing success stories and testimonials, a new one is posted every week.