Learning new foreign words used to be a big problem for me. When I asked my teachers for advice on ways to learn and remember new vocabulary, they told me to write the words fifty times. This was an inappropriate and inconvenient method for me. I searched the Web for relevant mobile apps with the right pronunciation and was surprised to find that all the applications were interactive. You have to be constantly engaged while studying. Working people and parents with young children just can't do that. This was the moment my idea for Worddio was born! After consulting many experts, linguists, teachers of foreign languages and students, I decided to create a symbiosis between the two most popular methods of learning new words. My new method combines listening to words spoken by native speakers and flash card's method with a challenge after hearing a word in your language, it is learnt in another language. Through the combination of these two methods, Worddio has become the most incredible tool for learning new words, for people of any age, at any time. Worddio offers more than 7000 words recorded by native speakers in 34 languages.