Western Watches

A byword for dependability and quality, Western Watches was founded in Geneva, Switzerland. For decades, our presence has been as solid and reassuring as the movement that drives the accuracy of our hands. The brand’s precise year of origin is lost. However, in Kathleen H. Pritchard’s masterwork, Swiss Timepiece Makers, 1775-1975, the earliest mention is in late 19th-century America. This was the iconic era of railroad pocket watches and Isaac Swope and Co. of New York was importing Western Watch timepieces. Western Watch was then famed for American-style timepieces, despite its Swiss roots. Constant Droz and Arnold Amstutz, architects of other luxury Swiss brands, registered ‘Western Watch’ in 1939 to protect their trademark in Geneva. It’s been renewed religiously every 20 years since. In the 80s, the logo was redesigned and the word ‘Watch’ was dropped to become the current Western brand. The new look proved to be a roaring success. Today, Western enjoys an extensive distribution network and worldwide sales. Driving it is our in-house design lab that continuously creates and innovates. There’s a Western watch for every minute of the day. From breakfast to bedroom. Some traditional, some less so. Some with their feet up nonchalantly on the boardroom table. Western watches reflect the aspirations of young professionals. They’re found on the wrists of ambitious boardroom high-flyers and entrepreneurs. People who are ahead of their time. They’re suited and booted – as proud and ambitious as our watches. You’ll wear them because they’ve got presence and impact, style and substance. But ultimately, you’ll wear yours because it’s just so beautiful. You’ll hitch your sleeve slightly and check the time more than you ever need to, and just because you want to. That’s Western.