Luxxe International Products by John Angelo Z. Santos

PM ME FOR YOUR ORDERS: 0935-980-8606 (WHITENING, SLIMMING, ANTI-AGING, PURE GRAPESEED) LUXXE WHITE: -Removes blemishes, fine lines and makes skin radiant -Prevents pimple, acne and other skin diseases -Helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis -Helps prevent cancer -Helps stabilize blood pressure -Increase sperm count -Helps body builder easily increase in muscle growth -Recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy (Exclusively Manufactured for FrontRow Enterprise Philippines Incorporated by AIE PHARMACEUTICAL, U.S.A.) LUXXE RENEW: -Weight Loss -Increased Energy -Better Digestion and Improved Circulation -Improved Sleep -Enhanced Mental Health & Healthier Heart -Stronger Immune System -Healthier Skin -Youthful Appearance & Detoxification Benefits LUXXE SLIM: Amount per Serving L-Carnitine - 350 mg Green Tea Extract - 150mg LUXXE PROTECT: -BOOST your IMMUNE SYSTEM -PROVIDE your BODY with an ABUNDANT SOURCE of VEGETABLE PROTEIN, LIPIDS, and POLYPHENOLS -ONE of the MOST POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT that FIGHTS FREE RADICALS -Have the ABILITY to FIGHT or PREVENT CANCER -REDUCE EFFECT of HEART DISEASE -Helps promote brain, skin & eye health -one of the few anti-oxidants that can penetrate the blood brain barrier to help protect the brain and nerve tissue. -Improve mental alertness and help prevent senility