ABOUT WATCHES.COM 'Discover watches you've never seen before' That's the motto at Founded by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt who are modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. They've been scouring the globe since 1999 discovering obscure, unusual brands that you've probably never heard of as well as carefully curating the brands you love. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines, is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world. A watch says a lot about you and helps you stand out. It's time for YOU to be different. Watchismo has acquired and merged into We have big plans and this is just the beginning. We've been at it for nearly 20 years offering the world's largest online collection of diverse & unusual watches at Watchismo and it's about to get even more fun. We believe that the modern watch represents more than just a functional mechanism to tell time. A watch is a unique form of art, design and personal expression. We've had a long-standing mission of providing unique and affordable timepieces to adventurous enthusiasts as yourself. As the number one selling independent online watch store, we plan to stay true to our core mission, while taking to new heights. "In an age when growing numbers of people tend to look dangerously alike, a watch's capacity to suspend, even for a moment, our habitual ways of presenting ourselves may well prove to be one of its greatest benefits." We also founded XERIC Watches to bring complex timepieces like the XERISCOPE, HALOGRAPH, EVERGRAPH & SOLOSCOPE collections to a broad cross-section of watch enthusiasts who dream of affordable mechanical timepieces. XERIC Watches represents a natural progression of their business: from Curators to Creators of designs that reflect their experience, knowledge, and passion for the truly unusual.