Michelle Shipp with WAHM Solutions

Welcome to my humble abode. My name is Michelle Shipp and I am excited for you in taking your first step toward creating your own career from home! As a busy mom of FOUR, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be front and center with my family while still maintaining a professional career from home. I have created "Michelle Shipp with WAHM Solutions" to inspire and motivate fellow mothers to believe that it IS possible to have an exciting business career AND care for your family ALL in the comfort of your home! Opportunities for financial freedom is at your fingertips. I began my work from home search after a lay off from a standard job. After about 1 full year of sifting through loads of junk online, I have finally found the perfect opportunity to work from home. I was still a skeptic however so I had to dig a little deeper wtih credentials, partnerships etc and then after seeing all of the nationally known credentials and A+ rating with the BBB, I decided to take a leap of faith and GO FOR IT! After getting started, I was very excited and seen the vision and possibilities for my family and I, I then thought, "where was this opportunity when I had my first daughter over 10 years ago!" :-) I quickly moved up in rank after 3 months and moved up in promotion several times thereafter. I am proud to say that I have gained many skills over the years with online marketing, prospecting, mentoring and training and have built a successful team of ALL STARS whom I coach as they work from home as well. I truly have found my home and enjoy helping others take care of their health and with earning income right from home! Grab Your FREE E-Book Today! Strategies to Become a Successful Work at Home Mom Steps on Finding Your Ideal Career Opportunity www.MichelleEShipp.com