We have always believe that zero strays on the streets is achievable - and through an online pet food and consumables delivery project, WaggyMeal.com, Waggy Love Group (M) Sdn Bhd (1010797-T)(http://www.waggylove.com) is planning to do just that. We are aware that to begin to address the strays issue, we have to slow down the breeding rate. Targeting 10,000 animals for spaying and neutering in the country annually, we are looking at an allocation of RM1mil a year. The amount can be achieved if we can serve a minimum of 16,667 pet owners in the country to provide great savings through great offers in purchase of pet supplies with vast offering of over 90 brands as well as convenience of delivery to their doorsteps in the whole of Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. How? If every customer spends an average RM100 a month in feeding their own furkids, we can draw RM5 from each sale to the fund. Ideally, serving 16,667 customers will allow us to draw RM83,335 monthly and approximately RM1 mil annually. Hence it is our utmost importance to be able to serve more pet owners in Malaysia with our best. And do feel free to let us know how we can constantly serve you better too. Feel free to call us at +603 2630 8427 to speak to our Happy Customer team. Happy shopping!