Vlad Simanel

Hi, I'm Vlad Six years ago, I was exactly where you are now – not knowing where to start, what to eat, what exercises to do. Or maybe you’ve already started but don’t see the results you’re expecting and can’t find the motivation to move forward. I know it’s tough and there’s a way out. I was very skinny all my life but when I moved to London I gained 20kg. And yes, it didn’t happen overnight. I was going through so many new challenges: building my life from scratch in a new country and trying to take care of my future when I realised I forgot to take care of the most important thing – my own body and health. My confidence went down, I was clueless and depressed. At that moment I used to work long hours at a restaurant, while studying for my career. I was eating food on the go and tons of sweets to compensate for the hard work but this eventually made me feel even more tired and cranky. It was time to make a change, but just like everyone else, I was so overwhelmed that I felt it wasn’t worth even trying. I tried dieting, calorie counting, wraps, long hours on a treadmill… Nothing seemed to work. I started and stopped a hundred times because I was doubting myself and was scared to FAIL. After 4 years of trial and error, I found what’s working and what’s not. I got into the best shape of my life and discovered new inspiration in studying fitness and nutrition. After helping hundreds of other people to change their bodies, I chunked down everything you need to know and created this 12-WEEK FITHABIT PLAN. I’m sure you can do it, if you only make it a priority… Vlad Simanel CPT,PN1, Weight Loss Coach, Chef, Finswimming World Cup Competitor, Ice Cream Lover.