Version 22

Version 22 was launched back in 2012 with the aim of solving the everyday problems in new and exciting ways. A few years and several products later, we have customers in over 70 countries around the World, and plenty of people talking about what we do. The brand started in the small town of Loughborough in the United Kingdom, and was developed in Loughborough’s University, known for its reputation and excellence in research and teaching. Its first product was Geco Hub, created to help make the every day more convenient, began its life on Kickstarter and quickly grew in popularity after from the platform. Kickstarter also brought life to our second product Nimble, a fun and helpful tool to have around the home office and kitchen. From simple beginnings, Version 22 has grown over the years to become an award-winning company and keeps in sight the goal of creating unique and simple solutions to everyday problems in a way that make people smile.