VTOX@Zinnia Global S/B

Company Profile Established in 2007, the (VTOX) brand founder Company-Zinnia Global Sdn Bhd is expanding its operation to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Chinese marketing 2010. VTOX has created to uphold the health, beauty, happiness faith,to help people through detox and weight-loss, healthy physique transformation from the inside out. The VTOX focuses on product quality and management to develop the health food production lines. As a result, we are known for high-quality health product. In recent years,reports from around the world indicate that many of our food products are proven to be detrimental to human health. In today’s growing emphasis on health, global attention detoxification and slimming, VTOX is also supporting the establishment of a number of products for everyone, such as weight-loss concept, advocating that everyone should be entitled to enjoy their favorite foods without deliberately dieting can achieve weight-loss effect. Vision The VTOX believes the philosophy of genuinely helping others, so that everyone has the opportunity to have a healthy life with the perfect physique. Mission Quality products VTOX core tasks,and constantly improve the quality and nutritional needs. In addition to the constant innovation, VTOX also will create the high-quality products to meet the needs of all types of consumers. Our products are convenient and effective, and have helped countless people achieve a healthy and slim figure.