VGO Aquatic Centre

Welcome to VGO AQUATIC CENTRE The introduction The Flying Fish Aquatic Academy was established in February, 2011. The academy has only four students and a swimming instructor in the ParkCity club at the beginning. Alex was the instructor and the founder of the academy. The academy has endured numerous obstacles and challenges in the past, in particularly on matters pertaining to student’s enrolment, issue of trust with parents, etc. Nevertheless, the academy has won a contract from The ParkCity club in September, 2011 given the favourable supports received from the parents. Since then, the academy has expanded its swimming teaching programmes within The ParkCity club. At present, the Flying Fish Aquatic Academy has eight swimming instructors and more than three hundred students. The academy continues to excel in its operations through full interaction and cooperation with education and supporting units with the provision of a variety of education-based activities and other quality services. This academy is formed by a group of former national and state team diving athletes, swimmers and synchronized swimmers who work towards achieving the academy’s vision and mission. With passion in both education and sports, the academy hopes to cultivate excellent athlete’s personalities and develop student’s personal integrity through perseverance in sportsmanship for success and triumph at the arena. 飞 鱼 游 泳 学 院 欢 迎 您 飞鱼游泳学院 背景介绍 飞鱼游泳学院成立于2011年2月。学院成立初期只有四位学生,由创办人Alex一人带起, 在The ParkCity club开始进行游泳教学。创立初期,学院面对种种挑战, 尤其是招收学生及赢取家长们的信任等各方面的困难。经过了多番的坚持和努力, 以及学生家长们的支持及推荐下,飞鱼游泳学院终于在2011年9月与The ParkCity club签下了合约, 正式在The ParkCity club里面进行大规模游泳教学。 从当初一位游泳教练和四位学生作为起跑点的飞鱼游泳学院, 至今拥有八位游泳教练的核心团队, 还有三百多位学生。 在短短一年多的时间里,飞鱼游泳学院算是不负众望,交出了漂亮的成绩单。虽然如此,飞鱼游泳学院仍然不懈地与各单位交流配合,例如教育单位及运动器材设备单位。希望能够提供更全面的教育活动和其他优质的服务。 由一群前国家队、州属队的跳水运动员、游泳运动员及花样游泳运动员所组成的飞鱼游泳学院,承载着不一样的使命。 本着教育的理念,飞鱼游泳学院希望通过游泳运动来进行学生的性格与操守训练,推广运动员坚毅不拔的精神。