Urban Gypsy

In order to tell you a bit about Urban Gypsy, I’ll have to tell you a bit about it’s founder and manager, Ashley Shaffner. She started out life as a little kid with very big boots to fill. This was mainly because Ashley spent her earliest years in Texas where everything’s bigger- including kid’s cowboy boots- but it’s also because she was born to see the world. After just a few meagre years of living in the big T, her family moved across the pond to England. She spent the main part of her childhood there living in numerous counties until her teenage years when the family once again packed up and moved. This time it was to Oregon. As if being a new student as a teenager isn’t enough, Ashley had a delightful mix of a Southern drawl with an elegant English finish. Luckily, Oregon got most of that out of her until moving back down South to Texas again. Moving around as a child definitely created a free spirit in Ashley and a love and openness to new things. If you’ve ever moved around a lot, you’ll know what it’s like to feel unsettled. But then if you’re still unsettled, it’s probably because you’ve never been to Roanoke, Virginia. Ashley had the great fortune of visiting Roanoke only to find that the longing for beautiful Oregon scenery, kind Texan welcomes, and eccentric English character was all rolled in to one amazing place. Ashley’s vacation became a move for life; there was no turning back. Not only does the culmination of different places and people in Ashley’s past create a wonderful vision of beauty and vibrancy to her character, but it also influences her style to a T. But her past not only included these great places and people, but also a vast array of professions coming together to create her dream today. From being the apprentice of a famous sculptor in Texas, to promotions for Radio Stations, to antique buying trips in England and France for families and businesses, Ashley’s skills have spanned the world. Now in the perfect setting of Roanoke’s historical Grandin Village, Ashley’s travelling past and creative vision is settled and Urban Gypsy has been formed. It is thanks to the many friends and family involved that Ashley’s vision of a beautiful store in a beautiful town is now a reality. Urban Gypsy is a combination of the elegance and style of European culture with the friendliness and atmosphere of bold American dreams. The amalgamation is a welcoming store with beautiful clothes, accessories, shoes, furniture, gifts, and more. With charming decor and plenty to see, Urban Gypsy is unique and accommodating to individual’s style. In order to maintain originality, the clothing's colours and styles are limited in number so that each buy is one of a kind. This shop is not only a place to feel good about how you or your home look but also to make you feel good about yourself. Wherever possible, items have been selected because of their environmentally and economically sound origins. Urban Gypsy is truly a place created from the sites of the world settled in the comfort of a home town. This is in everyway a part of the wonderful community that Ashley loves. By Alex Sawyer