Urban Brew Coffee Pods Australia

Urban Brew is the passion project of entre-pod-neur Toby Strong. Being the first person in Australia to launch Nespresso®* compatible pods back in 2011, Toby has seen the introduction of countless new brands over the years. Something which really stood out was the introduction of biodegradable pods which was great, but they all cost too much so they never really caught on. Toby took it upon himself to do something about this and created Urban Brew, who pack freshly roasted Fairtrade coffee into biodegradable✝︎ pods and strip away all inefficiencies behind the scenes to offer these great tasting coffee pods at half the price of many big name brands. What are these inefficiencies? Glad you asked! There are a lot of links in the supply chain before you even see a product. It is very common for goods to be sold between many companies before it makes its way to you, which includes; factory $ --> brand owner $$ --> distributor $$$ --> retailer $$$$ --> you $$$$$. All of these companies need to profit, need to ship the goods from one to the other and many of them have separate mega marketing budgets and various internal inefficiencies. This is where Urban Brew is different! We are the roaster and packer of our own coffee pods and we ship for free directly to you! We can see you nodding your head, genius right?! Our coffee pods are compatible with all the major systems; Nespresso®*, Caffitaly®* & K-fee®* / Aldi®*… So we have all your coffee needs covered. Be smart and savvy, not broke thanks to big name brands! *Trademark used is of a third party, not related to Urban Brew. ✝︎Oxo-Biodegradable plastic, but not compostable. Please treat as general waste and pods will degrade at an accelerated rate in landfill.