United ArtSpace

United ArtSpace is a collaboration between Michelle Lloyd and Sharon Griffin. We want to help art lovers, artists and makers in the area of visual arts by providing - A free online community (The Virtual Art Studio) where you can mingle with other artists from around the world, whilst receiving fantastic support and encouragement - Free monthly mini briefs to help get your creative juices flowing - Free courses throughout the year to help lay the foundations for your creativity - A structured course that will help you build a portfolio and get your work ‘out there’ - A newsboard hosted through our facebook page offering lots of inspiration - Tips on staying motivated and finding time for your creativity - Videos, live webinars and worksheets to help you with technical skills and professional skills We have a wealth of arts experience and are crazy passionate about helping others realise their dreams. Michelle has 15 years of business experience and an education in Fine Art. Sharon has taught over 3000 students and is a full time award winning artist. Together we are giving you access to everything we know and have learnt over the years. We are fun, down to earth creatives who don’t take life too seriously. What we do take seriously is being happy and doing the things we love for a living. During our courses you will be guided through exciting briefs that are delivered through video & written material. We give you everything you need so you can focus your energy on creating and building your portfolio. You will be encouraged to create work that is true to you and by becoming aware of your strengths you will learn how to develop your work further. We want to help you tap into your own unique style and by spending more time being creative you will find ways to channel your work through exhibitions and social media. We run a virtual art studio where you can gain FREE access to a supportive community of likeminded creatives. Find us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thevirtualartstudio/