Unique Muscle

Welcome to Unique Muscle Where beauty starts from within. We believe that a truly healthy body is a reflection of a healthy lifestyle which is maintained by nurturing a deep love and appreciation for your body. Being healthy looks different on everybody so as long as you are nourishing and caring for your body by gifting it with the nutritious foods that it deserves, your body will naturally reflect your own unique image of healthy which we think is beautiful. Once you start giving your body the love that it deserves, it will love you back and you will start to feel great and look great. It all starts from within. What makes our products Unique? Not only is our Whey Protein Powder Non Genetically Modified and sourced from Australian and New Zealand grass fed cows milk, we have made it without any fillers or unnecessary additives.Providing you with a quality supplement that your body will love! Our products are gluten free and are naturally sweetened as we like to avoid the artificial sweeteners that seem to be present in many of today’s “sugar-fee/low-carb” products! We also have a Vegan range of supplements that include protein powder, fat loss products and a Green Powder Smoothie Superfood Blend! Our products are Australian made in a certified facility using only high quality ingredients and high doses of love to give you the best results. Our new SLIM + TONE TEATOX is an all-natural, non-laxative tea blend with carefully selected ingredients designed to rapidly assist you with your health and fitness goals! Don’t forget our famous SLIM IT Fat Metaboliser! We also have a FREE 12 Week Healthy Eating Plan to help you achieve your goals the healthy way! Protein for beauty? While protein powder is promoted towards a gym and fitness community to assist with getting in shape, we believe in growing beauty from the inside out. Did you know that our hair, skin and nails are made from protein? And while we use expensive shampoos and conditioners, nail treatments and skin creams, by consuming a high quality protein supplement such as Unique Muscle, you can grow better hair, skin and nails naturally.