UK Debt Relief

At UK Debt Relief, we are here to help. If you are in trouble with bailiffs, face mounting debts or can’t afford to pay your Council Tax, we offer expert advice and free support. We can get you back in control of your debts as soon as possible. All of the support and advice that we offer is available free of charge. Our goal is to help the UK clear its debts. Along the way we aim to prevent those with existing debts from getting into more trouble with their creditors. We help you to find the debt solution that is right for you. We understand that falling into debt happens. We do not judge – we help you to act. By contacting us you are taking a positive step to breaking the cycle of debt and relieving the daily stress it can cause. Our Services We are a debt advisory service that specialises in dealing with debt recovery agents, such as bailiffs, and Council Tax arrears. We can help you by: Giving you expert advice on how to deal with bailiffs. Speaking to bailiffs on your behalf. Negotiating with your local council for you. Setting up a payment plan that is realistically based on what you can afford. Debt solutions We understand that often just advice is not enough – often it is time to take action. Our debt advisory team can explain the full range of debt solutions that are open to you. Managing your debt effectively is about solving the problem in the way that is best suited to you. We help you to find this. Each solution has different eligibility requirements and its own set of pros and cons. We can help you understand these. Here are some of the debt solutions that are available in the UK: Council Tax Repayment Plans Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) Debt Relief Orders (DRO) Bankruptcy How can we help you? If you need to find answers to your debt, or have questions you want to ask about any solutions, we offer free, no-obligation, impartial advice. Quite simply, we can help. You can take control of your debt, deal immediately with sheriff officers and get free advice about Council Tax. Let us know you need help and we will arrange for a member of our specialist debt advice team to call you back in the next two hours.