Tyson Isham

-TI Marketing is a Las Vegas based Facebook Messenger Bot marketing firm. -We realize that modern business owners have WAY too much to think about. Our clients have mortgages, families, HR issues, and more... We relieve their stress by taking marketing off their shoulders. Our clients rest assured that the leads and the sales will continue flowing. -TI Marketing specializes in creating and implementing solid strategies and industry leading marketing tactics; including Chatbots, Course Creation, SEM, Social Media Advertising, SMM, PPC, SEO, Sales Funnel Construction and Automation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and more. We also optimize websites for higher conversions based on real data and analytics. -My associates and I have worked successfully with businesses spanning a wide range of industries, including but not limited to Real Estate, Education, Business Brokering, Health and Fitness, E-commerce, Construction, and Law. -We will turn your brand into a cash-generating machine by collecting targeted and qualified leads, segmenting them, and nurturing them through the point of or purchase and beyond to retention and referral.