Tuff Girl Livermore

Tuff Girl Fitness was founded in 10/2008. Welcome to "the one and only" Tuff Girl Fitness! Our classes incorporate a full body workout program that combines calisthenics, flexibility, strength training, weightlifting, circuits, cardio through short distance running, jogging, walking and drills to form a stronger, tighter, fitter you! We also provide nutrition coaching so you get the results you want! We use TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebells, balance balls, cardio ropes, Lebert Equalizers, Wall Balls, Slam Balls, Weightlifting, and much, much more to make your workout experience fun and different every camp! Erica Martin is the best at making your workouts different everyday, so you won't get bored with the same routine at our classes and you'll meet your goals quickly! Our fitness program is designed for women at any fitness level; from beginners just entering the fitness world, to the elite fitness buff that just needs a change in their daily routine! You can workout to your level and your limits. This class is about your own fitness progress and success, so challenge yourself at your own pace! Check out our schedule at: http://www.tuffgirl.com Visit www.tuffgirl.com to sign up or call me now at (925) 518 - 4114