Chelsea St.Marie

Here's our story.. We've always had big dreams for our lives. To travel, to live freely, to be there for each other and our children at all times. We wanted to live a lifestyle based around freedom and happiness, embracing every bit of life. But you see, heres the thing.. We were ALWAYS stuck at work, trading our time to earn an income. We found ourselves on our LAST breaking point when our son was born. We knew we needed to make a change because becoming a parent, our perspective changed on what we truly wanted. I knew I wanted to live my dream lifestyle more then ever after he was born. As they say, "your why" needs to "make you cry". Well he was our why and the thought of freedom we CRAVED! We knew we HAD to get it. Being the optimist as I am, I was determined to find the solution..There was no way we were going to be stuck in the hamster wheel for the rest of our lives, missing out on each other's lives, children's lives and doing the things we love most. One night everything changed. I found an online community that promoted the lifestyle I knew we needed. I was SO HUNGRY & READY! I immediately reached out and was determined to succeed. Since getting started.. our lives have completely changed. I've been able to leave my full-time career being stuck in a building! To now building an online empire whenever and where ever I want to! DOING what I LOVE! Ryan, will soon be leaving his career as well to do this full-time with me so we can live our lives designed the way we want to together! He was skeptical of course but i'll never forget his words, "Thanks for proving me wrong babe". When I was able to quit my job and do this full-time! -Haha Our future has never looked so bright & I still can't believe the life i'm living now being able to coach & mentor people just like you all around the world! I know that this only works for those who are ready for a change, VERY self-driven and coachable! Look, I get it.. Change can be scary sometimes, just ask yourself. Is being in your current state for the rest of your life MORE scary then learning a new skill set and working with a mentor? If the answer is YES! Reach out to us! We're here for you! It's our mission and sole purpose in life to show other's how they can live their dream lifestyle and freedom of choice. You deserve it.