Club Tropicana & Venga Glasgow

Born out of our love of all things eighties Club Tropicana is the prefect place to party the night away. Club Tropicana is one of Scotland's original and best 80's music venues. Every Friday and Saturday 100's of nostalgic clubbers head for the dance floor to get down to songs from Spandau Ballet, Madness, Madonna, Haircut 100, Duran Duran, Erasure and other 80's iconic bands.The music makes the party. If the 90's were you thing then you must check out Vogue, only this time around you might actually remember some of it...! Vogue has all the feel of a 90's nightclub. Large bars along with a great central dance floor dominate the room, with lasers and psychedelic flashing lights and heart pounding bass, you will soon be transported back in time. Get stuck into the cocktails and shots, or try out some of our retro drinks, such as Hootch, Diamond White and Taboo. For any questions or enquires please PM or email you can also make all bookings online at 2 BRAND NEW CLUBS // 1 AMAZING NIGHT OUT.... It can only be Club Tropicana & Vogue Glasgow!