Tocoma by ACOM

Like all diseases, there is no better way to cure colorectal cancer than to avoid ever having one. Over the years, doctors and scientists have developed new medicines and supplements to help fight and prevent cancer. This is where TOCOMA, or Total Colon Management comes in. It is an all-natural colon cleansing product designed to rid the intestines of toxins and unwanted matter. TOCOMA contains all the good ingredients of an apple, guava, kiwi, oil palm powder, cabbage, green peas and prebiotics. It’s main difference from other dietary supplements in the market lies in these ingredients, the absence of bentonite, which is up to 35 percent aluminum; and psyllium, which can harden like cement prevents adverse reactions in the body. “Think of the colon as your body’s trash bin.” Dr. Chua said, “When the bin is full, it needs to be taken out. The problem is, bits and pieces may get left behind, and these bits and pieces accumulate which may lead to cancer.” It is this accumulation of unwanted matter TOCOMA aims to rid the body of. Apart from this, the product also promotes the healing of the mucous membrane lining of the entire digestive tract and leach out heavy metals such as mercury and lead in the body. It increases the flow of bile to help clean the gall bladder, bile ducts and liver. It promotes a healthy intestinal flora, ridding the body of bad bacteria and maintains regularity of the bowel movements as it speeds up the transit time of feces through the large intestine. Dr. Chua added that with a healthy colon, follows a healthy overall well-being as it lets the body focus on healing its other parts.