The Merrymaker Sisters

When you become a Merrymaker Sister you eat healthy, think happy and create a little magic. Here's Emma and Carla's story (Founders of The Merrymaker Sisters). Learn more and get access to recipes and articles at In 2012 we discovered a different way of living… We were fed up with counting calories and sick of the guilt we felt after eating, with low self-esteem and super confused by all the information that was being thrown at us. We were in this obsessive whirlwind of fad diets, quick fixes and negative body image. ‘Health’ to us used to mean: losing weight, eating less and more exercise. We found another way, a better way, a much more fun and delish-filled way to live and we want to share it with you. Our philosophy is less stress is best, in every possible way. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. You have better things to do than feel guilty about past meals and anxious about what you’re going to eat next. Life doesn’t have to be controlled around the food you eat. When you live a Merrymaker Lifestyle, you eat real food. We don’t care if you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, bulletproof, etc. Becoming a Merrymaker Sister is about adding more GOOD to your life (and your plate!).