The Warrior Academy

We believe in building self esteem through self defence and we believe martial arts is an excellent choice for children wishing to develop themselves. What to expect We’ve noticed that improving a child’s focus improves their learning ability. The confidence gained in classes transfers into every aspect of our students lives. The courtesy and respect learnt through the teaching of our traditional values gives students the morals to make the right decisions in life. Learning these important lessons at such a young and influential age is so important. Due to our classes parents report improved behaviour at home, better grades in school, more determination, perseverance and a very visible aura of self-confidence which is clear to see in each task our students apply themselves too. Our Style At the Warrior Academy we teach an incredibly exciting and diverse martial arts programme based around TaeKwon-Do. We believe martial artists must become adaptable in order to be efficient. The Taekwon-Do system was originally created to be as efficient as possible. Our freestyle-Taekwon-Do system utilises the highly disciplined nature of Taekwon-Do with line work, accurate kicks and strikes alongside the proven defence system of Muay Thai and western boxing. The Warrior Academy system has been specifically designed to develop the students technical ability in Taekwon-Do, while providing the young and old, male and female, realistic self-defence application. Character Development Character development lies at the core of our training. Weekly lessons are taught to instil strong values in your child. We believe the core values of traditional martial arts are so important to the students development. As martial arts evolves, these values are often overlooked and lost. Within our organisation the tenets of Taekwon-Do are at the forefront of our training; while our freestyle nature ensures our students become highly adaptable and talented martial artists.We believe working with you to develop your child is so important and so we ask parents to be as involved as possible. A good attendance record is important for development and indeed compulsory in order to be invited to grade. There’s a lot to cover and students progress rapidly. You can read more about our programme and what we teach here: