The Stiff Collar

The Stiff Collar company was founded in a well known coffee shop in a little known suburb of Bombay called Bandra. The team consisted of comic sellers, newspaper sellers, soap sellers, garment sellers and, to give some seriousness to this motley group, even someone from the e-commerce industry. We set up operations with a capital of Rs. 6 lakhs and a second hand computer. This group now has graduated to a small warehouse in Andheri’s industrial area and raised some measure of angel funding from CFO’s , entrepreneurs, Consultants, investment bankers, lawyers and lots of other people who have never had anything to do with either e-commerce or apparel. On balance it is a good thing we all know so little about our business. It keeps life entertaining. Do write to us at If you want to know more about us and our shirts and for specific queries including press, bulk orders, marketing alliances to S.Ganesh, our CEO and Co-Founder at