The Soap Haven - Save Your Skin

Have you noticed what's in your soap? #saveyourskin with our range of natural soaps and skincare products that are free from SLS and harmful Parabens found in most commercial skincare products. Join us on this mission to #saveyourskin! Do you know that 21% of Singaporeans have eczema? That's more than one in five! And there are numerous more who have skin problems like acne, psoriasis, dry, flaky, scaly, cracked or sensitive skin. Have a look at the ingredients on your soap bottle or bar. Most commercial soaps are made with degreasing detergents marketed as skincare products! It's not wonder that so many people suffer from skin problems. But is your skin the real problem? Or is it the crap it is exposed to? Ever had an insect bite? Swelling and itching is our immune system's natural reaction to combat the invasion of foreign substances. It's also our body's way of warning us when it is harmed. See the connection? In the quest to save our skin, we discovered that stripping away all the crap found in commercial products and using nature's pure goodness resulted in noticeable changes within a week. Skin becomes smoother, more supple and glows with vitality! This is what you'll find at The Soap Haven, good stuff that revives your skin. Try it for yourself and see. Then share the goodness with your friends and family! We would love to hear your feedback. The Soap Haven - Save Your Skin!