Bedwell for Sheriff

My career includes continuous public service (military and law enforcement) since 1975. I have an MS in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University and a BS in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix. I hold numerous police training credentials and a variety of certifications including a private pilot license. In May 2017, I retired as a Lieutenant in the North Las Vegas Police Department where I had worked since 2001. Many people in the Las Vegas valley recognize me as a Police Public Information Officer, a job I held for ten years. I work in the office of the Chief of Police and supervise a variety of command services. I also led the lobby team for the City of North Las Vegas in Carson City during the 77th (2013) Session and 27th (2013) Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. Before my law enforcement career, I spent 20-years as an enlisted Marine. In the Marine Corps I held a variety of jobs including Avionics Technician, nuclear weapon security (convoy, load sight, and lost weapon recovery sight protection), Recruiter, Embassy Security Detachment Commander (Madagascar, Jamaica, and Greece), and Operations Chief in an aviation unit. While on Embassy Duty, I helped plan, implement, and supervise personal and physical security programs working with various foreign (police, military and intelligence) and U.S. governmental organizations (the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc.). I helped plan and participated in protective service details for several Congressional Delegations (CODELs); I helped protect various traveling dignitaries like VP Dan Quail, General Colin Powell, and Jesse Jackson, in Jamaica; I worked with the Presidential detail for the George Bush visit to Greece in 1992, and have participated in various other security operations abroad. I became a Yuma County, Arizona, Deputy Sheriff in 1994, while still on active duty in the Marines. In addition to general patrol duties, I worked as a Field Training Officer (FTO), SWAT entry team leader, and during my last year there, as a Detective. I participated in executive protection details for high level defendant court travel and for presidential hopefuls during the 1996 election cycle. From 1998 to 2001 I was a Police Officer in Gilbert, Arizona. I worked patrol as an FTO, firearms instructor, and SWAT team member.