Proud Pit Bull Parents

The world is full of fear and ignorance. And unless you have been living under a rock (or on Mars) You know firsthand that media and social web push negative, mean, and ugly perceptions-about Pit Bulls, (and about the world in general.) We are here to show that Love and knowledge is stronger than fear, and ignorance. We are unique in that we view our community of our fellow Proud Pit Bull Parents as members of our family. Connect on twitter: @TPPBP and Instagram: theproudpitbullparents The Proud Pit Bull Parents is a work of love. We deeply care for our family of Pits and Pit Parents. We work hard to educate, share the joy (and yes sometimes coffee table chewed up frustrations) decrease the false hysteria associated with pit bulls. WE URGE YOU to share your pictures, videos, and stories and together we will start changing the perception the public has about the loyal, lovable, and INTELLIGENT pit bull. We do this through our sharing, our pictures, and most of all interactions and conversations with OTHER Proud Pit Bull Parents. From time to time you will see posts of rescue organizations, tips and training advice, and great products designed to help you in everything you may need as a Proud Pit Bull Parent. We general highlight the positive side of the Noble Pit Bull. We URGE you to invite every Pit Bull Parent here- and share with each other in this vast Family of gentle, loving, and understanding Pit Bull Parents.