The Potty School

Would you like your child out of diapers and using the potty? Have a child 18+ months? We can teach you how to potty train. Have a child 0-18 months? We can teach you "Elimination Communication." However you like to learn, we have a method to teach you from wherever you're at right now on the process. Maybe you're just researching, or maybe you've already tried a few times without success. We're here to help. You can choose from several learning styles: * Do-It-Yourself (we have a video series) * Group Environment (we teach classes in-person & online) * One-on-One (we offer Personalized Consultations via phone, video chat or in-person/in-home). We journey along with parents through the process from beginning to completion, and help navigate any bumps encountered along the way. Start by learning your Pottying Personality (free) at: Cheers, Michelle Swaney Mama of 3, and CEO of The Potty School