The Pawsitive Co

This company was started with one goal in mind--help improve the lives of animals in need so they can bring joy to the world in the same way that our rescue pup Brody has done for us. Brody was neglected and abused, found with a collar embedded in his neck. He had a successful surgery but still has scars, visible at times, which are one more reminder of the struggles he--and dogs everywhere-- go through. Despite his tough past, Brody is one of the most loving creatures. He still has so much love for humans and seems to thoroughly enjoy every minute of life. He constantly reminds us to see the good in the world and appreciate life. Along with the happiness and fulfillment he has brought us, Brody has impacted our lives in countless positive ways and we want to pay it forward. We create this page with the goal of impacting the lives of other dogs in "pawsitive" ways.