Performance Science Training Institute

PSTI is the most sought after body transformation and sports performance training company in the Bay Area. PSTI helps families reach their fitness goals and live happier, more fulfilling lives by creating healthy lifestyle habits. Our promise is to help you reach your fitness and performance goals in 3 hours or less per week. Our culture and client experience is very important to us. We create our culture through our core values. Our business decisions and strategies are all derived from these core values, so before you join the PSTI family, we want to make sure our values align with yours. 1. OVERPROMISE AND OVERDELIVER 2. ENSURE SAFETY FIRST 3. BE A PROACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVER 4. BUILD STRONG, IMPACTFUL RELATIONSHIPS 5. LEAD WITH ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, AND PASSION 6. BE ACCOUNTABLE 7. PURSUE GROWTH EVERYDAY 8. LIVE YOUR CREED