Missy A. Garcia - Transformational Coach

Missy A. Garcia is keynote speaker, author and a passionate wellness advocate. Missy is driven to help women to break the mould of social norms and to actively pursue the life they truly desire; a life that is authentic to them as an individual and isn’t limited by fear or circumstance. Missy was trained as a nurse and had her mind opened to the idea of a more natural lifestyle during a holistic nursing program. But it wasn't until she became pregnant with her daughter in 2010 that her true holistic journey began. During this time, Missy needed to find an alternative income stream that would support her family during this time and began working as a network marketer and wellness advocate for doTERRA oils. This became a profitable entrepreneurial journey and pushed her out of her shell (as a self-proclaimed introvert) into leadership roles that challenged and transformed her. Missy was confronted with the reality that she was living a life that was somewhat removed from her full potential, and sought after ways to break through fear, insecurity and the obstacles of life’s circumstances and find freedom and authenticity. Missy is a powerful, inspirational speaker whose vision is to help women realise that they have the power within to create whatever life they desire. “Happiness is not an illusion, but it comes from being truly in tune with, and connected to the truth of who we are.”