The Laser Boutique

It all started as a bit of fun…. don't all good ideas! My fiancé works in Design & Technology and enjoys making hand crafted gifts and I have always enjoyed making special gifts for friends and family. Eventually my fiancé decided to buy a laser engraver. For weeks it sat in the garage unused, until we decided to try making a few gifts for family and friends’ special occasions. We were asked to design and make a wedding picture and create invitations to celebrate some friends’ forthcoming marriage. These were favourably received, word spread about and before long orders started coming in. We began to look into creating personalised gift ideas that you wouldn’t normally find on the high street, using lots of different materials. 'The Laser Boutique' was born. Over the past 3 years, what started as my little part time bit of fun, while I stay at home to look after our daughters, Sophia and Elise, is quickly becoming a full time job. We offer a lovely range of really useful gifts, for everyone from babies to adults, which can be personalised in anyway at all. Why not pass on that special message in a gift or even find something for that ‘tricky to buy for’ person. We love working with new customers helping them with their unique ideas and unusual requests. We like to think 'the impossible is possible' and turn those ideas into a memorable keepsake! It's been an amazing journey so far....... Love Abbey xx