Jeremy Wenger's Page

The Reason WHY I Have a $20,000 Check in My Wallet - Hey, so my name is Jeremy and if we haven't connected yet, we should. - ... I am definitely not perfect, however, there is so much we can all learn from one another. Especially, our stories! None of the same, even if we have a twin in the world. Your personality, character, interests, likes, and dislikes are COMPLETELY different so when I'm given the opportunity to help someone... - a good portion what we have to work through is being to have fun again! - ...BUT, HOW? - That is where I'd love to just connect with you. - In the meantime, I believe you deserve to get access to my LIVE Journal where I write about the things I have come from to give you the context of what forgiveness can do and the living examples of how powerful it is. - Shoot me a message on here and I'll get the journal right over to you. DIRECT CONTACT >>>>