The Irish Fairy Door Company

We help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality handmade Irish fairy doors; our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round – all YOU need to do is believe! The Irish Fairy Door Company was specially selected by the Fairy Council to provide handcrafted fairy doors for all locations – be it your home, your garden, the office, school or care centre. Actually made by our carpenter in the workshop of a 200 year old cottage in the heart of Ireland, each fairy door is given a portion of magic so that your new fairy can come and go between our world and Fairyland. Did you know that there is a centuries old fairy fort just up the hill from where the fairy doors are made? It is a place imbued with magic and we believe that this is where fairies are born and come into our world. Each fairy is waiting eagerly to find his or her new home. Our doors are sent out all over the world, just bursting with magic and wonder enabling every fairy to find his or her perfect home and family. Only one question remains… Do You Believe? **************** We will not re-use images with children without the express permission of the parents or guardians. When writing any public posts including reviews on our Facebook page you agree that The Irish Fairy Door Company can re-use the text in promotional material in any territory and through any medium.