Let me introduce myself properly… I’m Heidi Dean! I’m a Social Media Strategist for actors, Backstage Magazine Expert, blogger, former SAG/AEA actress, a dreamer and a ‘doer’. I turn social media rookies into rockstars! I'm a member of AEA & SAG, have had agents and managers, have done voiceovers, print work, television, concerts, commercials, principal roles in major national & international tours, I studied theatre at NYU, worked as a child actor & an adult actor in both New York City and California. I know what it takes to be an actor and truly understand how much you want this career. I understand it’s all you ever wanted to do and what you dream about 24/7. My Mission… To help actors stop “struggling” or “aspiring”, or being “just another actor” and turn dreamers into ‘doers’ who make their careers their own. I will show you step-be-step how to use social media marketing to craete your own acting opportunities. Join me on my blog… or at my online classroom for actors on twitter…. @Marketing4Actor When I’m not coaching, creating or writing you might find me hanging with my baby girl, cuddling with my husband (a successful TV & Broadway actor himself), walking, hiking, cooking, gardening and just embracing life! Until soon, Heidi