The Heal Thy Self Movement

Are you looking for the right information to turn your life around? Feel like your relationship could be better? Struggle with emotions and difficult thoughts? Know your health is not where it should be? You’re not alone. For the last 10 years, the Heal Thy Self has been bringing workshops, masterclasses, healers and events to help 1000’s of people turn their health, their relationships and their lives around. People just like you. We’ve gathered master teachers and healers from around the world to: - share their wisdom directly with you - teach you what they’ve discovered in their journeys - share the love so you can too We’re talking about healing from trauma, creating healthy relationships, detoxifying your body through fasting, essential oils and plant-based diets, empowering women to become Queens and so much more. And we’re not just about workshops! We’ve got access to our own brand of supplements, health foods and eco-friendly, non-toxic household products. This channel is just the start of your journey! ❤️