TheBonZ's House

Welcome to a comfortable modern-living house where the sunlight plays through. The home throughout the day and sparkles with sunshine of the morning sun! The house is centrally located in a peaceful neighborhood! Out of the windows opens a breathtaking panorama of a beautiful mountains and green trees. The apartment inside is really cosy and light-filled. There are three bedrooms,two bathrooms,a living room with a kitchen and a balcony. You will have a a wonderfully relaxed room, brilliant in its simplicity and a private elegant, contemporary bathroom just next to it. It is ideally positioned for living convenience and just 5 km away the central station=the main street of Palermo "Via Roma". For all the tips and suggestions just ask me and I will provide you all the information. If you were looking for a Room for a good price,in a great location and really modern and convenient inside: Congratulations! Your findings are finished! Just contact me right now and you will never regret and never forget about your staying at Palermo,the capital of Sicily!