The Austrian Schnitzelhaus

The Story of the Austrian Schnitzelhaus In 2004 Lisa and Gerry Jansenberger opened their first "Schnitzelhaus" in Gladesville, and it soon became the haven for schnitzel overs, however it soon became clear that we were getting to small to accommodate all our Schnitzel fans which came from far and near to satisfy their "schnitzel fix!" In 2010 we opened our doors of our second Schnitzelhaus in Erina on the Central Coast, which too became a favourite spot for schnitzel lovers on the Central Coast. 2012 Saw the opening of the Neutral Bay venue, a fully licenced bar, beer garden and function room. 2013 Our Flagship in Gladesville sadly closed it's doors due to leasing problems, and is still missed by all even after all this time. Erina and Neutral Bay continue with our vision to deliver great food, fast and friendly service at affordable prices, to our customers that keeps them coming back for more.