Joan Jacobs

Welcome! If you're looking for a way to resolve chronic health issues and heal your life –you've definitely come to the right place! After healing from an incurable chronic disease of my own, by resolving emotional conflict and transforming negative belief systems, it was clear to me that my life mission is to help others heal and transform their lives. With 30 years' experience behind me, as clinical healer, educator and speaker, I am confident that the only way to cure your body is to heal your life! All aspects of my work have one basic theme in common; By changing what is going inside you, you can change what is going on in your body and in your life. I have learned from experience that reality can be altered by expanding what one perceives as possible, by resolving emotional conflict and by awakening dormant inner potential. I healed myself against all odds – SO CAN YOU! No matter where you are in the world, My gift to you is the opportunity to initiate a personal journey that will take you far beyond the reality you are familiar with, expand the way you experience yourself and literally transform your life. My Books: Messages From The Soul- A Holistic Approach to Healing. 10 Critical Questions Your Doctor Will (Probably) Not Ask You Beyond Doubt – Unleash the Healing Power Of Self-Esteem Pick up a free copy of The Complete Self – Healing Guide To Extraordinary Health so you start getting your health back on track TODAY! Much Love & Light Joan