THANN - Oryza致力提倡環境保護,維護人權,反對使用童工和動物實驗。此外,除了零售業務之外,THANN於過往幾年已成功地將業務拓展至飛行里數兌換計劃,以及航機免稅商品業務。同時,公司亦提供旗下產品給國際上眾多知名的5星級酒店,豪華度假酒店以及機場候機室。 THANN和所有的經銷商維持緊密的合作關係,從專賣店的設計、特訂的市場計劃、商務策略到本地化的業務模式,THANN成功地將產品業務拓展到全球22個國家,其業務規模正在不斷擴大。 THANN-Oryza promotes environmentally-friendly products, supports human rights, and is against the use of child labour and animal testing. In addition to THANN's retail presence, which has in recent years expanded into the award redemption and in-flight duty free in airlines industry, the company is also active in the hospitality segment, supplying amenities to 5-star resorts & hotels and airport lounge. THANN maintains intimate working relationships with all of its distributors ranging from retail store design, customized.