Tether Tug Dog Toy

The Tether Tug is a durable, interactive toy designed to provide your dog with hours of fun and play, even when you are not around. The Tether Tug is really easy to setup! Simply drive the metal base into the ground, insert the 55" Tether Tug into the base, attach a Tether Toy and your dog is ready to play! The Quick Connector allows toys to be easily changed out to fit any dog's preference. Tether Tug is dedicated to promoting healthy physical and mental play for dogs of all activity level. We recognize that pets are an important member of any family and it is our goal to keep them healthy and happy. The Tether Tug was invented by a father-son duo Roger and Adam Huckfeldt and inspired by a three-legged rescue dog, Lizzie. Adam Huckfeldt rescued Lizzie when she was just weeks old. She had been abused and unfortunately her leg could not be saved. With lots of love and determination Lizzie made a full recovery and is now a playful, happy dog. One of Lizzie's favorite games was the toy Adam made for her, a rope toy on the end of fishing rod. Adam would swing it around and around, letting her catch it, pull, let it go and then chase it again. The problem was, like most dogs Lizzie could outplay her owner. So Adam put it in the ground, hoping Lizzie would continue to play with the toy even when he wasn't there and she did! However, she played so much that the fishing poles kept breaking. Adam needed to find a way to make the toy stronger.... With the help of his dad, Roger Huckfeldt, who happens to own a product develop company that specializes in inventing, manufacturing and commercializing products, the Tether Tug was born!