Team Bootcamp

The 3D Boot Camp Concept The future of residential boot camps in the UK. Teaching you to Think, Eat & Move differently – All year round!! The UK’s first 3 Dimensional camp - Highly effective military health and fitness camps running EVERY WEEK utilising a revolutionary periodised training programme to reduce injury and maximise effect. You will experience: >Rapid weight loss – 7-8lbs on average per week in a safe and effective environment. >Reduced injuries through reduced impact training, enforced rest periods and active recover days. But don’t mistake that for an easy ride!!! >You will be pushed to your limits each day with a ‘No Compromise’ military style camp with the UK’s best trainers. Not only has each trainer undergone service with the British Forces to develop discipline and a hardworking attitude, they have all completed the highest possible fitness training accolades to super charge your progress. Your Trainers Each inspirational trainer has graduated the TEAM Bootcamp Life Coach Scholarship where a range of delivery approaches and empathy for all campers is nurtured. Basically we have given them a heart… a very small one, but a heart none the less. ‘Empathy – The respectful understanding of what people are experiencing’ Premier location – famed for hard uncompromising training on the outside with a soft, fluffy and caring environment on the inside. Heydour House provides everything you need to come away refreshed and revitalised. It’s the perfect place to be when your current lifestyle is failing you. The revolutionary 3D approach We want to get the weight off your shoulders as well as your waist line… In addition to effective training, T*E*A*M Bootcamp educate, coach and support your emotional and nutritional needs before during and after your stay. Remember your results and life long changes are our priority… few achieve true life long success at other residential bootcamps without consistent support. Facilitating long term campers T*E*A*M Bootcamp is the only boot camp in the UK that has developed a long term strategy to cope with long term campers. The Body is an amazing adapter that will adapt to the stress of boot camp after a few weeks causing plateaus… we keep the body guessing with staged programmes specific to your needs… the longer you stay with us.. the more specific your programme becomes and the better your results get.