Spyder Philippines

Spyder is the product of years of collaboration and teamwork with athletes with the passion for various sports, competing in extreme conditions and in diverse environments. The innovations spawned by these efforts are the same features that make each Spyder product as comfortable on the street as they are on the race track. All of our items are designed with technical details that enhance performance and protection and are in line with today’s contemporary look. Spyder products are vital high-performance equipment ready to take you a level higher and allow you to take your adventure beyond limits. The birth of the brand came about from a major challenge to satisfy the need of sports enthusiasts for products that offer high-performance details that maximize an athlete’s potential, without making a dent on the budget. The fear of damaging or destroying a product in the process of enjoying one’s sport was taking the athlete’s attention from the sport to the protection of the expensive gear. The aim was to have product priced reasonably to make the athlete focus on the sport itself and allow them to be as rough as they want to be with the gear. Originally developed for the Asian market, its unique product and pricing concept have made it a strong global contender in the performance products market. Today, Spyder offers so much more — at lower prices: technical features like multi-function polarized photochromic lenses, innovative replaceable temples, convenient prescription-lens-compatible inserts, a wider selection of models, a fast-growing international distribution network, and a constantly expanding product range that embodies the same principles as the original product line of eyewear — Performance products at prices that won’t make you break a sweat or elevate your heart rate.