Chmura Orthodontics

At Chmura Orthodontics we know your smile has the power to change your life. We believe that because we hear it from our patients all the time. A Chmura Smile can help you make a great first impression and the right lasting impression. In fact, every person in every photo and video in the website is sporting a Chmura Ortho Smile. You can have one too. Dr. Louis Chmura is one of the most sought after orthodontists in the area. He’s known for his artistry and his ability to craft each smile to bring out the very best in each patient’s face. His work using SureSmile is even featured by the manufacturers of SureSmile, as well as other doctors in the area providing SureSmile. Plus, he’s also an Invisalign Premier Provider! Dr. Chmura is: – One of only 8 doctors in the world serving on the SureSmile Clinical Advisory Board – International lecturer on Carriere SLX Treatment and Invisalign – Pioneer in the orthodontic treatment of sleep disordered breathing – Ground-breaking doctor in accelerated orthodontics Dr. Chmura is member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontics, the American Board of Orthodontics, the Academy of Laser Dentistry, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is actively involved in two local professional study groups and three national study groups. He has taken numerous continuing education courses in orthodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. Each year he attends over 200 hours of continuing education, and in 2006 Dr. Chmura was invited to write a chapter on the innovative uses of a Diode laser in an orthodontic office. Also, Dr. Chmura has been invited to lecture nationally on “Uses of a Soft Tissue Laser in Orthodontics” and “Treatment Planning in an Era of Innovative Technology”. WHAT SETS US APART In our office, Dr. Chmura personally evaluates each patients airway, bite, smile design and alignment. This means we take low exposure 3D radiographs (we were the first in all of southwest Michigan to use this technology) as part of the initial examination. Dr. Chmura utilizes this information along with a comprehensive examination BEFORE he discusses your diagnosis and designs your custom treatment plan. If you ever have an initial examination where you get a treatment plan without the doctor having looked at a 3D x-ray, that doctor is helping you receive straight front teeth but not looking at your airway or the actual angulation of your bite. Unlike some other orthodontist offices, Dr. Chmura makes every clinical decision based on the patients best interests, so you know you are being treated by a specialist and he personally signs off on all charts. In addition to the fundamental orthodontic structures; Dr. Chmura also assesses how you’re sleeping, whether or not you have headaches, or chronic pain because these issues affect our patients overall health and quality of life. We have the latest technology to look at the fundamentals listed above in 3D to diagnose and treat with the highest level of precision. Continuing education is a high priority. We invest time and resources to hone our professional skills. Our systems allow us to anticipate and handle all details to provide the best results. We continually adjust systems to keep us on the cutting edge. We learn something new every day. Giving back to those who support us, is also very important for the team at Chmura Orthodontists. We are blessed with special talents and abilities and we have an obligation to “give back” to the community, which supports us. We will, individually and as a team, support activities that improve our community. As ambassadors of our practice, we acknowledge that maintaining an image of professionalism and integrity is essential both in and out of the office.