Tahira Gift

In 2017 I'm stepping into a new chapter in my life, where I am no longer allowing my GIFT to lay dormant. I will proudly give away my GIFT to anyone that I may encourage along this life's journey. I am truly GRATEFUL for the ability to write and support others. I am an Inspirational Author and have been given this desire long ago. There were always signs, but I took the traditional route and allowed fear to keep me stuck. I allowed guilt, shame, loss and the hardship of life to make me doubt my gift. I thought God could not want to use me? I did not see- I'm just a VESSEL. My light is because of the AMAZING Light I choose to tap into. As I build my new business this year in 2017, I will look ahead with courage and not allow what I didn't do or my procrastination to stop me. God has given me a word ABUNDANCE for 2017. If you resonate with this- I invite you to share in the journey with 52 Weeks of Abundance. Author Bio Tahira Neckles, also known as Ty, is an Inspirational Author and creator of TahiraGift.com. Ty published her first children's book in 2015. Her newest Gift Book, Giving Inspiration For Today:52 Weeks of Abundance was released December 19th, 2016. Ty writes a new featured post every Monday on her blog Tahiragift.com/blog and is currently writing another book to be released this year. You can join the journey and get tools and support with Abundant Living in 2017. Make sure to like Ty's author Facebook page at Fb.com/Tahiragift to stay connected.