We thought we knew India well enough, until we drove some 25,000 KMs around over 03 months and enjoyed local hospitality in myriad forms at fantastic un-touristy locations. And thats when we decided - why not bring such fine offbeat places on an online platform, and offer to like-minded Professionals - who hate the crowded hotel-like places on mall-roads of Popular Indian tourist towns as much as we do. And thus, was born with a very holistic purpose - help fellow travellers make easy decision with credibility and right value for money. Today we have over 250 great places all over India, which we only wish to expand to about 500 - beyond that is clutter, leading to indecision. However, all such places have to pass through our stringent 11-point check-list before we bring them on-board for you. You may take two to six breaks a year - and so we have got you covered for life with over 200 unique Locations. Importantly, in each location, we pick resorts in all budgets - INR2,000 to as high as INR1,20,000 a night- as you may not always wish to splurge on Luxury, but won't like to compromise on Comforts and Hygiene ever. TripOffBeat is home to hand-picked Offbeat Resorts, each with its own unique intriguing style, character, food, location and ambience. Whether you are looking for romance, adventure, family fun or sheer decadence, you will find it in TripOffBeat’s favorite Resorts. Wherever you stay, you can access the best of what life and Nature can offer you – not to mention the finger-licking freshly prepared food – one of the many reasons that TripOffBeat is a passionate collection of lovable holidays sojourns. Come and Experience Nature with us, in its rather unspoilt form. We guarantee that you'd go back home thinking - Life is *still* Beautiful :)