Tony D

Somewhere along the way I lost my wild, My since of adventure. My dreams slowly faded. I somehow placed the “impossible” on myself. It’s easy to fall into our own trap of self-doubt, believing we are flawed. When in all actuality the flaw could be the most beautiful thing about us. I sat down one day, uneasy. My heart racing and calling out for me. What are you waiting for? I know what I desired to do, but how should I go about it. What’s going to get me there. I don’t know what will happen or what others will think. Am I making the right choice. Paralyzed in thought. The anxiety so over whelming I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I had to stop and take a deep breath, as I spoke to myself “everything will be ok, you got this bud.” My mind was a battle field against itself. I had a wakeup call when my buddy pasted and knew it was time to change these limiting beliefs. I knew it was time to start opening doors and not just stand in front of them. Everything in life is a choice and I made the choice to dream again, and to go after those dreams. On my journey to my dreams I found gold! Found a way to fund my dreams. I became an affiliate marketer. A company and product I can stand behind. Even better something that could provide value to others and help others just like myself chase their dreams. My journey isn’t about me or “I”. its about the desire to help others do the same. Dreams aren’t meant to stay as ink on a piece of paper. Their meant to make memories. I take pride in wanting to help others make memories! We all can achieve our dreams. Allow yourself to fall, to fail, to learn! Allow yourself to achieve greatness.