PC industry changes with each passing by day and makes a great technical impact on every industry. Internationally, the (CNC)controllers used by precision machinery industry are gradually developed in the PC-based software and hardware environments. Taiwan is known the PC Empire, ranked No.5 in total output value of machinery in the world, and challenges the exportation of machine tools for the third of the world. Also, Taiwan is ranked No.3 in woodworking machine production, No.6 in precision mold manufacture, No.5 in textile and rubber machinery. Obviously, Taiwan plays a very important role in the machine industry. So the participation of Taiwan in the controller field can also catch up the worldwide trend. Under this background, we founded Syntec in 1995 which is a professional company in PC-based CNC controller research, development, marketing and service. Moreover, Syntec is the most completely and potentially professional PC-based controller company in series products.